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If you rent any of our apartments in Tarifa you should know taht any time of the year is good to visit Tarifa and each one has its own charms.

The summer allows the enjoyment of the magnificent crystalline waters and the fine sand of the beaches of Tarifa. From the Playa Chica Beach washed by the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlanterra Beach in Zahara de los Atunes washed by the Atlantic Ocean, our visitors will have many km of coastline to choose from.

But Tarifa is not only its beaches and leisure in summer, besides being a privileged place for the practice of water sports all year round, Tarifa also offers tourists a great gastronomic and cultural offer seasonally adjusted, in addition to a calendar of festivals and events distributed throughout the year. Next we are going to list them by ordering them according to the season of the year in which they take place.



Mig Bird: Migratory Bird Welcome Event (MARCH).

As is well known, the passage of the Strait is one of the most important migratory bird crossings on the European continent. There is no specific time of passage through the Strait of Gibraltar, practically all year round we have birds migrating in both directions, although as far as gliding birds are concerned, the months with the most transit are from February to May and from July to November. This event takes place in March, a good month for the sighting of migratory birds of the Strait of Gibraltar, with a multitude of activities scheduled both at the Cazalla Observatory and with organized outings for bird watching.

Holy Week (APRIL).

Live the experience of the Holy Week of Tarifa in April. The Tarifa brotherhoods parade their images almost every day, delighting the viewer with the floral arrangements and ornamentation of their thrones, the solemnity of their penitents, the music bands with a multitude of instruments unfolding their incredible marches to accompany the steps. Especially followed is Holy Thursday where the Holy Meeting takes place on the Causeway between the Nazarene and the Virgin of Peace.

African Film Festival of Tarifa and Tangier (APRIL)

This event celebrates its twentieth contest taking place in Tarifa and Tangier. It was born in Tarifa in 2004 and after a few years being celebrated in Córdoba, it returns in 2016 to its city of origin. In its beginnings it was conceived as a sample of the best cinematographic production of Äfrica, to become a Festival to competition from its fourth edition.

Open Market Tarifa (MAY).

During a weekend in May, the shops take to Batalla del Salado Street with their new collection of clothes, as well as discounts and end-of-season offers. Only 200m from our apartments at Residencial Luna.

Red Tuna Fish Route of Tarifa (MAY).

The red tuna fish, one of the unique delicacies of our land, is the protagonist during the month of May of this gastronomic route. Exquisite bluefin tuna tapas compete every year to the delight of everyone and win the prize for the best bluefin tuna tapas in Tarifa.

Cultural Spring of Tarifa (MARCH, APRIL AND MAY).

Promoted by the Tarifa City Council, a multitude of performances are scheduled every year during the Spring at the Alameda Municipal Theater. You can enjoy musical concerts, theater, comedy, etc., with artists such as Pedro Guerra, Faemino and Cansado, Celtas Cortos…




In the summer, Tarifa becomes the epicenter of leisure in the South of Cádiz, where you can enjoy multiple events promoted by local businesses and announced through their Facebook and Instagram profiles, in addition to the typical and traditional informative posters that are distributed throughout the municipality. In addition to this, during the summer we have the traditional popular festivals of the municipality and some events that have several editions behind them.

GKA Kite Expo Championship (JUNE).

Almost every summer, this championship that brings together the best kiters in the world, holds a test of its calendar in Tarifa in the month of June. This championship is the most recognized of the specialty worldwide, but other tests also take place throughout the summer season, usually during the month of September.

International Beach Polo Championship.

This event takes place on the beach of Los Lances, where the best professionals of this sport meet. You can enjoy its magnificent atmosphere in beach bars such as Carbones 13. Only 300m from our apartment at Tortuga 2 Lupita.

Feast of the Virgen del Carmen (July).

The 16th of July is the day of the Patron Saint of the Sea and festivals, competitions and a gastronomic party are organized in the fishing port. On the afternoon of July 16, the carving of the Virgen del Carmen is carried on the shoulders of the sailors to the fish market of the fishing port. There it is replaced by an image of lesser value to be paraded through the waters of the port accompanied by a crowd of faithful embarked on their fishing and recreational boats. There are also attractions for the youngest on the Paseo de la Alameda.

Fair of Tarifa (SEPTEMBER).

One of the most important festivities of the town for its meaning and durability. On the Sunday of every first weekend of September, the Virgin de la Luz, patron saint of Tarifa, returns to the Church of San Mateo from the Sanctuary of Light (8km from Tarifa). In that procession back to Tarifa she is accompanied by numerous faithful both on foot and on horseback. This agricultural Cavalcade currently has approximately 600 riders and dates back to 1914.

In honor of the Patron Saint of Tarifa, a fair is held for 8 days, which has attractions for children and young people, as well as booths to enjoy a festive atmosphere and local cuisine, the quail dish being very popular.

The most important day of the Fair is September 8th, the feast of the Virgen de la Luz, organizing the traditional horse day at the fairgrounds, where equestrian competitions are held such as the traditional horse ride organized by the Friends of the Horse booth, with prizes for the different modalities to contest.

Pass under the mantle of the Virgin de la Luz (September).

It is one of the customs rooted in Tarifa and takes place on the last Saturday of the month of September, the day before the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Luz that returns her to the sanctuary. Thousands of devotees come to the Church of San Mateo to pass under the mantle of the Virgin  and receive her blessing.

Pilgrimage of the Virgin de la Luz (SEPTEMBER).

On the last Sunday of September, the traditional Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Luz is celebrated. The faithful accompany their patron saint back to the Sanctuary of Light 8km from Tarifa. The departure from the Temple of San Mateo usually takes place very early in the morning to arrive at the sanctuary at noon.

Folk Music Festival (September).

Tarifa had a National Folk Music Competition during the golden years of this modality, becoming a reference in the entire national panorama. After several decades since its last edition, a Folk music exhibition will be revived in 2021, with a program that takes place at the Alameda Theater and that has emblematic groups of this modality such as the New Minstrelsy Master (with more than 50 years of career), Lombardy, the Almadraba Group, etc. A good opportunity to enjoy the traditional Spanish folk music of the past thanks to the best groups of the national scene in this modality.




Initiative of the delegation of Culture of the City of Tarifa, which organizes a program of musical, theatrical, comic performances, etc. Mostly they take place at the Alameda Municipal Theater, with groups such as La Guardia and artists such as José Sacristán or María Galiana.

Outdoor activities are also organized as part of the White Night in October. You can see musical performances in the streets of the historic center, visit the monuments of the municipality for free and enjoy a night parade.

The cultural program also includes the historical representations of the site of Tarifa. Due to its strategic position Tarifa was a very coveted place by the numerous civilizations and empires that fought to gain control of this square.

In October the heroic defense of Tarifa against the Muslims in 1294 is represented. It recreates the feat of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, known as Guzmán the Good, who threw his own dagger at the besiegers who threatened to kill his young son kidnapped by Muslims.

The siege of Tarifa in 1812 by Napoleonic troops, during the Spanish War of Independence, is also celebrated periodically on these dates. A feat of that conflict, where the Anglo-Spanish forces consisting of 3000 soldiers and commanded by the general Francisco Copons, contained for 17 days the siege of the Napoleonic imperial forces that had 10,000 troops.

Super Outlet Endless Summer (OCTOBER).

In mid-October, during a weekend, shops go out again to Batalla del Salado Street with large end-of-season discounts and the presentation of the new trends of the following one.

Iberian Route (DECEMBER).

Event held in Tarifa during the first weekend of December, where our bars and restaurants compete every year with their exquisite tapas made with Iberian pork, to receive the vote of the diners and win the title of the best Iberian pork tapa in Tarifa.

Popular Race "Pepe Serrano Memorial Strait" (DECEMBER).

Very popular race in the region that is held every year at the beginning of December. They are 6.4 km through the streets of Tarifa with departure and finish on the Paseo de la Alameda. He has numerous trophies and cash prizes.

The Three Magic Kings (JANUARY).

Popular Christmas tradition in Tarifa that celebrates every year in the Port of Tarifa the arrival of the Three Magic Kings, who will stay at the Guzmán el Bueno Castle, which will open its doors for free to visit the apartments of their majesties and deliver the letters in hand to the pages of the Three Wise Men and meet the three in person. The festivities conclude with the traditional parade on January 5th, where the Three Magic Kings travel in their floats through the streets of Tarifa, leaving Guzmán el Bueno Castle and ending at the Calzada Street, distributing sweets and gifts along the entire route.

Carnivals of Tarifa (FEBRUARY-MARCH).

One of the most followed holidays by the Tarifa citizen are its carnivals. A Provincial Competition of carnival groups in its modality of comparsas and chirigotas is held at the Alameda Theater, which will take place the days before the start of the Carnival on the street during the following weekend. Every year a theme is chosen and the road is disguised becoming a western town, a Chinatown, a Mexican cantina, etc, according to the chosen theme. In the Plaza del Teatro Alameda a giant tent is installed as a verbena where you can enjoy throughout the weekend the performances of local groups and the most recognized and award-winning groups of the famous Carnival of Cadiz, a reference and promoter of these parties throughout the province. On the Paseo de la Alameda you can also enjoy this festive atmosphere with activities and fairground attractions for the little ones. On Saturday, the popular Carnival parade takes place with a multitude of floats and costumed groups that liven up the festivities by parading through the streets of the municipality.

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Local Festivals and Events